About Guruji

Trimbakeshwar Authorized Pandit

Pandit Krishnakant Shastri Guruji

कालसर्प-दोष निवारण पूजा, महामृत्युंजय जाप, मंगल दोष निवारण, कुंभ विवाह एवं अर्क विवाह, नवग्रह जाप

Pandit Krishnakant Shastri are pandit from Trimbakeshwar, and he lives in Trimbakeshwar behind Trimbakeshwar Temple with his family. Pandit ji perfroming all type of puja like kalsarp, mangal dosh, maha mrityujay jaap etc.

Acharya Krishnakant Shastri Guruji is a best kalsarp pandit in Trimbakeshwar and his generations has been giving consistent result as per the dosh found in the kundali of people from the last more than 10 years. He has very vast experience in the field of dosh nivaran puja and could established as Trimbakeshwar's best pandit in Trimbakeshwar.

संपर्क करे +91 84 119 85 119